Holy Mountain Hats

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3u_a_s 3u_a_s1
The Hats The Hats with Cat
Axon's Hat
a_side1 a_side2 a_bottom a_bottom
Axon Front Axon Back Axon Top Axon Bottom
a_cone a_in a_name
Axon Peak Axon Inside Axon Markings
Sel's Hat
s_side1 s_side2 s_top s_bottom
Sel Front Sel Back Sel Top Sel Bottom
s_cone s_in s_name
Sel Peak Sel Inside Sel Markings
Unknown Hat
u_side1 u_side2 u_top u_bottom
Unknown Front Unknown Back Unknown Top Unknown Bottom
u_cone u_in u_detail
Unknown Peak Unknown Inside Unknown Stitching
u_rip u_sticker u_underrip
Unknown Damage Unknown Sticker Unknown Form